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About VIBE

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VIBE Book and Music Shop was born in May 2018, out of ‘Imprint Books’ run by Terry Boyce since 2006 in Silvermine Bay, Mui Wo, Lantau Island, Hong Kong.


It is run by Gary Brightman

British born Gary has lived in Silvermine Bay since 2009. From 1978 till 2013 Gary worked in Information Technology at various banks and financial institutions, first in London then in Hong Kong. He semi-retired in 2013 to follow his passion for film and photography and latterly books and music.


The store is called ‘VIBE’, i.e. ‘The mood or character of a place, situation or piece of music’.


VIBE sells new & pre-loved English, Chinese and foreign books, Vinyl LPs, CDs, DVDs, record turntables, stationary, merchandise and other cool stuff.


We support local artisans, authors and musicians by stocking their creations and running events for them to showcase their work.

We believe in recycling to help save the planet and accept donations of books, Vinyl, CDs and DVDs.

We care about the Lantau Island community and are happy to consider local initiatives.

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