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ManBright Films

Gary’s other job interest outside of VIBE Shop is photography and film making, from script writing to editing and final production. For this purpose, he setup ManBright Films back in 2015 after graduating in Filmmaking from the International Academy of Film and Television (IAFT).

In 2013 Gary was commissioned by Dragon Horse Films to write a family feature film script.

The script was completed 2 years later and called ‘Piper’. Based on the story of the Pied Piper set in Hong Kong/China.

The film is yet to gain funding to be made.

At IAFT Gary produced 2 documentaries.


2014 ‘GDJYB Eats Music’ Documentary

GDJYB IMDB Poster Large copy.png

This is a documentary following local girl-band GDJYB's progress into appearing at Hong Kong's biggest annual Music and Arts festival 'Clockenflap' in November 2014 with the backdrop of Occupy Central.

GDJYB are Soft Liu, Soni Cheng, Hei hei Ng and Yellow Yi  Wong.   

GDJYB's music is for sale at VIBE!

2014 ‘Graham Street Market’ Documentary

Graham Street Fish, Meat, Fruit and Veg Market in the Central district is the oldest street market in Hong Kong, established in 1841.


This is a documentary about the Urban Renewal Authority (URA) re-development of the area starting in 2007 and due for completion 2021 - it's a long slow bleed putting people's lively-hoods at risk.

Graham Street Poster Portrait copy.png

2015 - 'Transformed' - 6-Part Sci-Fi series

Transformed being human.jpg

In 2015 Gary co-wrote and produced a 6-Part Sci-Fi series called ‘Transformed’      

Humans are the disease from the perspective of an alien civilization that has secretly introduced a strange virus that starts dumbing down the human population. As the pandemic spreads, Sergeant Dave Chan of the Hong Kong police force and his team desperately attempt to control the outbreak. In a hopeless search for safety, friendships fray and loyalties are tested as the city descends into darkness.

'Transformed’ Official Trailer

​Priced US$6.99 to watch the whole series at Vimeo On Demand

2016 - The Helper Documentary

​The Helper chronicles stories from Hong Kong's migrant domestic workers, exploring their immense contribution to society in the face of heartbreaking separation from their loved ones.

​Gary provided some cinematography and post-production support work for the documentary.

​More information

​The Helper documentary DVD can be exclusively purchased at VIBE priced at $98

The Helper front copy.jpg

Contact Information:

Gary Brightman has an IMDB entry at IMDB

ManBright Films'other videos can be found on Vimeo

LinkedIn profile

If you have any requirements for Scripting, Production support, Photography, Cinematography, Directing, Editing (Final Cut Pro X), Documentary film making or Lecturing in film making, please contact Gary at:

VIBE, or by email.

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