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I probably brought my 1st vinyl 7” single around 1971. Being slightly OCD even back then, I dated them…

I avidly collected them for the next 14+ years until I could trust a new format called compact disks (CDs), but there was probably a crossover period of a few years when I was buying both…

I hear customers stories all the time about what their 1st vinyl was and what happened to their collections since. 

My 1st single in 1971 embarrassingly was ‘I’d Like to teach the world to Sing’ by The New Seekers – later use by Coca-Cola in their ads. My 1st album, I think was ‘Band on the Run’ by Wings in the same year.

Having 2 sisters and a brother and a music fanatical Dad our small house was never quiet…

My vinyl collection, I’m pleased to say has remained with me. I stopped playing vinyl around 1986 and started playing my own collection again when VIBE was established in 2018.


We stock most types of vinyl from 7” singles, 12” singles and 10” and 12” albums.


Genres include, but are not limited to: Rock, Pop, Punk, Soul, Indie, Hip-hop, Reggae, Soundtracks, Compilations, Classical, Folk, Opera, Jazz and Easy Listening…

We sell all genre's of pre-loved & new vinyl - Average price HK$180

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VIBE sells all genres of CDs - new & pre-loved incl. Hong Kong artistes - Average price HK$48

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CD genre's incl. Classical, Film Soundtrack, Compilations, Chill, Dance, Rock/Pop/Indie, Jazz, Blues and many more...

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Constantly stocked selection of vinyl

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Michael Jackson classic

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Green Day coloured vinyl

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Local HK SKA band The Red Stripes Debut LP featuring Neville Staple HK$200

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Frampton Comes Live!

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