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We sell both pre-loved and new books in English, Chinese, French and other foreign languages. We can also order books for you.

Without by Michele Koh Morollo - HK$120

Autobiographies, Biographies & Memoirs

25 Best Day Walks in HK by Dr Martin Williams - HK$170 also... 2019 Calendars HK$88

V is for VIBE

VIBE interior

'The Bond' by Simon McCartney in English & French - HK$180

Antiquarian Books

'Virgin to Victoria' books by Trisha Hughes - HK$150

VIBE interior

'Butterfly Hill' & 'Drachen' by Brendan Le Grange - HK$40 each

VIBE interior

Writing Chinese Characters 1, 2 & 3 by Doris Du HK$68 up

'Lantau Water Buffalo' by Dina Yang - HK$120

'Klara the Cow Activity Book' by Kimberley Kleczka - HK$85

'Alook's Cool Place' by Kimberley Kleczka - HK$60

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