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VIBE Merchandise

whats your vibe2.jpg

T-Shirts Small/Medium/Large/XL/2XL/3XL - HK$148

vibe mugs2.jpeg

Mugs (one size drinks all!) - HK$98 each

vibe tote back front.jpeg
Vibe tote bag back.jpeg

Tote Bags (Environmentally sound) - HK$88 each

Vibe caps1.jpeg
vibe caps2.jpeg

Baseball Caps (says 'Silvermine Bay, Hong Kong' on the back edge - one size) - HK$98 each

black bag advert 140520.jpeg

Re-usable bags - HK$2 each

VIBE A4 posters $48 each.jpeg
VIBE postcards $18 each.jpeg

Steve House VIBE postcards - HK$15 each

Steve House VIBE A4 Prints - HK$48 each

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