Printing, Scanning, Copying and Laminating

We’ve offered this service for over 2 years now - but not advertised it…

The main reason is that ‘Soft & Hard’ shop (now 'HOME') in Mui Wo also offer this service and we respect our retail neighbours.


So what’s changed?

Nothing - go to them still if you wish.

They can only accept on USB stick though - so if you wish to use email, we can cover this base…

Also they operate different business hours to our 12:00 midday until 6:00pm every day.


Printing - Scanning - Copying - Laminating - costs HK$8 per page for B&W

Printing - Copying - costs HK$10 per page for Colour

If you want us to print something and laminate it would be HK$16 in B&W HK$20 in Colour


Laminating is up to A4 size only.


You can email to or bring on a USB stick or disk drive…

If I’m in the shop - Tuesday / Friday /Saturday - you can whatsapp to me on 9574-5820